Top 8 Items Every Career Girl Needs

October 19, 2020

To my fellow career girls reading this: working is stressful, corporate life is stressful, I get it. After graduating college in 2019 and starting my career shortly after that, there have been some products that have been a game changer for me. So…I compiled a list of my top 8 items every career girl needs (that I cannot live without!):

1. Planner


I’m a big fan of simple designs, so I understand this planner may not be for everyone. For me, this academic planner is everything I need- its got monthly and weekly sections to plan out your days! Staying on top of your shit and being organized was new to me entering my first job, and this planner has been my lifesaver, truly.

2. Laptop Tote


I have a specific purse that I use everyday for work- well, before I started working from home due to COVID. But having a dedicated work purse that nicely fits your laptop and chargers is key. Dagne Dover has an amazing, super functional option specifically for us career girls. This is definitely an investment at $265, but in my opinion, a black tote never goes out of style.

3. Travel Mug

travel mug

Out of all 7 items, this is my must have for all of my fellow career girls out there! If I could inject coffee into my veins I would, but a cute to-go mug is the next best thing. Plus, how cute and aesthetic is this white mug that can hole hot or iced coffee?

4. Watch


Alright my profesh gals, one accessary that’s going to change your outfit for work is going to be a nice (or nice-looking) watch! Why? I have no idea. It just does. There’s nothing that makes me feel more like a boss than a fresh manicure paired with my watch. Plus they don’t have to cost a fortune. Daniel Wellington has very cute, very affordable watches. Check out this Daniel Wellington watch here!

5. Bluetooth Earbuds

bluetooth earbuds airpods

Many times have I found having earbuds necessary, especially for conference calls. You can answer calls while traveling, listen to music at your desk, or just have them in your ears so your coworker doesn’t talk to you, whatever floats for you boat. I typically use these Powerbeats Pro, but if you are looking for earbuds specifically for work, I would suggest the Airpods or Airpods Pro.

6. Portable Charger with Extra Cords

portable charger

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve packed for business trips only to get there and realize i don’t have my phone charger. The struggle is real. I’ve now come to pack a portable charger with extra cords that I keep in my work purse solely for this purpose. Plus, the portable charger that I have comes in a two pack, so I keep one in my purse and one in my suitcase. Check out my portable charger on Amazon here!

7. Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses

Not only are blue light glasses super cute, they are also great for your eyes! I go through phases where I get migraines frequently and blue light glasses have been a huge aid in keeping the headaches at bay. They protect against eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches, and can even help you get better sleep if you work well into the night time.

8. Mini Oil Diffuser

mini oil diffuser

Anyone else get a lil stressed out at work sometimes (rhetorical question, I know the answer is yes)? Depending on your work desk situation a mini oil diffuser would be great for some relaxation during the day. Plus, with COVID most of us are working from home, so you don’t even need to worry about the coworkers. Get some orange and ylang-ylang for some joy throughout the day or some lavender for stress-relief.

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