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Life Changing Wellness Tips for Working From Home

January 9, 2022
Wellness tips for working from home

This post is all about my Life Changing Wellness Tips for Working From Home.

If you would have asked me about wellness tips for working from home at the beginning of 2020, I would have been absolutely lost. My outlook on work was to grind and hustle at the expense of my health…and the change to working from home has been a privilege that really changed my daily schedule, health, & outlook on life.

While I 100% prefer working from home, and feel that it gives me so much more freedom in my day, everyone that WFH knows it’s hard to really be ‘done’ with work for the day…which can easily lead to burn out. Well guess what? We’re done with that BS in 2022. The concept of wellness has been a huge part of my life over the last two years and applying simple & small changes into my work routine has changed the game. I feel super productive and happier with my day after implementing these wellness tips for working from home.

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Cultivate Your Environment

As surface level as it sounds, this is the single biggest wellness tip for working from home that I cannot recommend enough!! Trust me. Or don’t trust me. But trust the scientific studies that have shown that your environment can contribute to low subjective well-being, unhealthier eating, poorer mental health, and less efficient thinking.

Create an aesthetically pleasing home office that satisfies all of your senses so that you enjoy (or are at least content) getting to work in the mornings. Getting organized & getting rid of clutter can invoke a sense of calm to help boost your mood and start your work from home day off on the right foot. Try to center your desk where you are facing natural light if possible, which keeps your circadian rhythm on the right track.

Get an essential oil diffuser specifically for your office to de-stress and keep your mood elevated. P.S. I’m in love with a Rosemary essential oil which is mentally clarifying or a noise cancelling headphones (these ones from Bose are super cute & aesthetic) that block out all of the distractions around you. These have SAVED me as my pup is a barker and I can now tune her out with ease.

Try a Standing Desk

This tip is my other favorite wellness tip for working from home. STANDING DESKS (or desk risers). While i’m getting my master’s degree and working full time, I found myself sitting allllll day. My back hurt. My hips hurt. My brain felt like sludge. Getting a desk riser (linked the exact one I have) has alleviated all of these issues for me and I feel like i’m doing something better & healthier for my body. Don’t get me wrong, they take a minute to get used to but try a floor mat or cushioned sneakers for more comfort if you need.

If you want to level up from standing during work, try out walking while you work. I have a treadmill and laptop holder attachment that allows me to get work done while moving my body. I get in anywhere from 2-5 miles a DAY doing this at the same time i’m working. If you don’t have the space for an entire treadmill, you can also checkout the under desk treadmills which are just as efficient.

Create Separation

The next work from home wellness tip is to create mental and physical separation with your home office. I have fallen victim to working in my bed or at my kitchen table and never feel as good mentally or as productive than as when i’m sitting at my desk. Having a designated space you can go to and leave each day allows me to create a mental block between my personal and professional life. Having that mental block will reduce burnout with your job, which ultimately leads to more productivity.

If you are in a situation where you can’t have a designated room for your home office, carve out a space in your living room or bedroom that is specifically for work. You only work at that desk (NOT IN BED!) & you don’t lounge there during your free time.

Set Boundaries

This work from home wellness tip is part of creating that separation in your personal and professional life. Set boundaries with your coworkers and have a dedicated time you start and stop working each day- aka no more emails, slack responses, etc. Unless there is a work emergency, you are not meant to be working from dawn to dusk. Get rid of phone notifications by setting up a daily schedule that silences your emails and slack/teams messages at a certain time. Absolutely don’t check your work notifs first thing in the morning! I used to do this and found myself stressed from the moment I woke up. Setup calendar blocks that won’t allow anyone to schedule a meeting on your calendar during your off hours. Creating these boundaries allows you to enjoy your time outside of work without intrusive work thoughts!

Get Dressed (Sorry, not sorry)

Yeah yeah I hate this tip too. But for real, putting decent clothes on, making my hair look nice, & applying minimal makeup makes me feel so much more put together and confident for my work day. In reality, putting on decent clothes means a black quarter zip top and my nicest leggings, because yeah I walk a lot each day with my treadmill desk. Even changing into nice athlesiure still makes me feel like i’m ready for the day…100x more than when i’m in my pajamas. Take 20 minutes each morning over this next week to put yourself together & see how it makes you feel.

Try out my top 5 wellness tips for working from home and let me know what you think! Have any additional tips? Drop them in the comments.

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  • Reply Brandi January 12, 2022 at 4:35 am

    These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Komal Singh January 17, 2022 at 6:08 am

    These are great tips! One thing I did, while WFH during the pandemic, was take a walk outside everyday. I didn’t enjoy being couped in the house all day so going for my daily walks was the right amount of “outing” for my day.

    • Reply meaghan January 17, 2022 at 11:49 am

      Getting some fresh air every day is KEY! Love this tip.

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