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How to Satisfy Your Adventurous Side in Isolation

September 30, 2020

This post is all about how to satisfy your adventurous side in isolation.

What is it? Day 90 in iso at this point? While recognizing my privilege in being able to work from home, I also recognize that anxiety and depression rates are on the rise in isolation. I personally have felt more anxious during this time and the restlessness is really sinking in. Okay, I will say I had a wild ride during an emergency surgery and 4-day hospital stay…(i’m okay, as you can tell by this post). Nothing like a near-death experience ((joking)) to really spice it up!

But in all seriousness, I understand the boredom that creeps in and the need for adventure may leave you with a restless spirit. Typing this while bed-ridden has really got me in the mood for an aperol spritz in an Italian plaza, ya feel?

So, I’ve got some ideas on how to satisfy an adventurous spirit…for the time being (fingers crossed iso ends soon and traveling becomes safer). First things first, take some time to evaluate how you’re doing and what your body/mind needs.

Start Your Day Off By Taking Care of Yourself

Start your morning with some journaling, yoga, do your skincare…do what makes you feel like you. My body functions on routine, routine, routine. When I take some time for myself first thing in the morning and stick to that, I feel more content and ready to be productive in my day. 20-30 minutes connecting with yourself is all part of the ever-important self-discovery.

Find a Hobby That You Enjoy

More than just taking care of yourself, find something that you genuinely enjoy doing. Whether that’s getting into reading, creating art for the first time in a while, becoming a runner (ha ha), or starting a blog, being passionate and driven about something will give your mind something to look forward to in quarantine.

Plan Your Next Trip

What better way to solve travel blues than to make today’s daydream tomorrow’s reality? Planning a new adventure always makes me excited, and there’s nothing like having something to look forward to. You can check out a comprehensive list of my travel resources here.

Cook a New Meal

Cooking can be a great, tangible way to experience something new. Try making your favorite dish from one of your travels or take a swing at something you’ve always wanted to try. I’m doing this in a new series on the blog called Quarantine Cooking, the first recipe is up and is (italian chef kiss) Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.

Watch a Documentary

I love a good documentary…who doesn’t? Keep your mind dreaming and learning with a good show or documentary. One of my personal favorites is Jack Whitehall’s Travel With My Father on Netflix. Disney+ also has some A+ nature documentaries (who else remembers African Cats?). Nothing like a glass of wine at the end of the day and a documentary on the tv.


Ok, ok, so I know nothing will beat the real thing. However, many museums are able to be viewed online, you can visit the seven wonders of the world from your living room, and even (my favorite) “play a virtual tourist” in the Faroe Islands.


Seven Wonders of the World:

Virtual Tourist in the Faroe Islands:

The Faroe Islands is a small collection of islands between Norway and Iceland, which massively rely on tourism to keep them afloat. They have come up with a clever, innovative way to still allow their beautiful land to be seen, queue “playing” virtual tourists. Equipped with body cameras, Faroese guides livestream for an hour at a time and each minute a new user can “control” their movements. Press left on the controls, the guide will turn left, tell the guide to run, they run, tell the guide to jump, they jump! You can check out the tour at:

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