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8 Black-Owned Travel Essential Companies You Can Support Now

September 30, 2020

This year has been a trying time for everyone, but specifically black Americans. They were hit the hardest by COVID-19, while also being largely overlooked in the initial round of the CARES Act, and are more likely the targets of police brutality and discrimination. Even black-owned businesses are more vulnerable, as they typically have less cash reserves to carry them through ups and downs in the economy. (Over 90% of small businesses in majority black communities hold cash reserves of fewer than 14 days, so they are more likely to run out of operating funds when customers stay at home. Milken Institute Center for Regional Economics.) One way to back this movement is to support black-owned businesses, which has a direct and immediate impact.

Below are 8 companies that you can support while purchasing your traveling accessories and essentials.


ASHYA is a Brooklyn based travel accessory company that focuses on luxury bags, passport holders, prints, and more. Their designs are not only beautiful, but functional for every traveler.

“By documenting and sharing cultural stories, and designing multifunctional accessories, we hope to help the modern day explorer move more thoughtfully and fluidly throughout the world.” – co-founders Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece.

MADE Leather Co

MADE Leather Co was founded in 2016 based on a love of Morocco and provides handmade leather goods for men and women. Goods are sourced directly from artisans in Marrakesh.

“The simplicity of life, the bright colors, the aroma of spices and oils, the artisans and their creativity, the quality of and passion that is evident in everything that is created- all of that makes it difficult for any tourist to leave Morocco.”

Unsun Cosmetics

By now we all know the importance of skincare, especially when traveling, as you are typically exposed to the sun more frequently. Unsun Cosmetics has strived to create products that are as kind to the environment as they are to the user. Their mineral sunscreens run at 1.7 ounces, well under the TSA liquids limit, making them easy to toss in your bag for convenience.

Talley and Twine

A lot of us travel to disconnect from the digital world, and a beautiful watch can make that easier. Talley and Twine also has duffle bags, leather wallets, toiletry bags, and more.

“Interestingly enough, our name comes from an intersection that was formerly the center of a notorious, crime-riddled neighborhood in Virginia. In recent years, the neighborhood has been completely revitalized and families now have the opportunity to own. A place with a dark past now has a bright future; Talley & Twine represents that future. It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.”

Effie’s Paper

Effie’s Paper provides colorful stationary and cute accessories. Check out the Fly Girl Travel line for card wallets and swimsuit bags! A swimsuit bag is such a great essential when backpacking, as a wet swimsuit won’t come in contact with your other clothing, leaving everything fresher for longer.

“Our products reflect our belief that the future is female and is being shaped by the power of Black Girl Magic!”

Riot Swim

A swimsuit is a must for almost every trip and these are some of the cutest swimmies i’ve seen! Riot Swim has staple, sexy pieces that are fit to flatter.

Taylor Made Bands

If you haven’t heard of this travel hack, listen up. A booty band is one of the best ways to get an efficient at home workout…and they take up no space. You can slip this easily into your backpack and use it anywhere! Taylor Made Bands are also made of elastic fabric instead of rubber bands, so they wont snap or pinch you.


ShowerPill has disposable travel wipes that you can pack with you easily, and they are available online and in Target. The wipes kill 99.9% of germs and leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. I couldn’t think of a better product during backpacking (because let’s be honest, the grunge is real sometimes).

I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. I am steadfast in my belief that prejudice and discrimination have no place in this world and change is needed.

I would love to add some more black-owned companies to this travel essentials list. If you have a suggestion, drop it in the comments below or contact me.

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