10 Must Have Home Fitness Products That You’ll Actually Use

September 30, 2020

When I first moved my workouts from the gym to home workouts, I was initially discouraged and demotivated. However, that attitude quickly disappeared when home workouts and home fitness products kicked my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever been sweatier in my life! While there are a bunch of us that can safely workout outside, there are many people where crowded outdoor areas make this a no-go. On top of that, working out indoors can typically be in a tight space, so gym equipment can also seem impossible. Stress no more! Here I have 9 products that take up little-to-no space that also majorly elevate a workout routine.

Resistance Bands

Without a doubt, one of the biggest things that changed my workout game was resistance bands. I started using resistance bands in the gym quite a while ago and they have definitely made the transition to at-home workouts easier. Resistance bands come in a variety of different strengths for varying intensity of your workouts. These are great for popping on during a leg day for squats, lunges, etc. Many brands have their own versions of resistance bands, but I got mine off Amazon and I love them! Tip: The fabric resistance bands are a lot better quality and have better functionality than the latex resistance bands.


If you’re in need of motivation, pre-workout is the way to go! Pre-workout boosts your energy with caffeine and carbohydrates to increase performance and focus during your workout. I would find myself sitting on my couch dreading my at-home workout and if I could just get myself to mix my pre-workout into my blender bottle, I would have to workout. There are a lot of options with pre-workout and I have got to say, my all-time favorite is the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Pre-Workout from Alani Nu. Alani Nu has a lot of great tasting supplements like BCAAS, if you’re looking to fuel your body in other ways.

Workout Guide

At-home workouts were uncharted territory for me, so I needed some assistance in getting my workouts under way. There are so many apps that have full at-home workout guides that tell you exactly what to do, many of them inexpensive or free. Some of my favorites workout guide apps include: Alive by Whitney Simmons, SHREDDY by Grace Beverly, and Tone and Sculpt by Krissy Cela! Workout guides help me not have to plan or think about a workout too much and I get to stay on track.

Jump Rope

This right here is what you would call a love/hate relationship. If you haven’t picked up a jump rope since being a kid, you’re in for an awakening…because skipping rope is hard! The great thing is that jump ropes are an inexpensive ($15 or cheaper) way to get a good cardio session in. Try starting off this exercise 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 10 rounds and gradually increase your time on, while keeping the time off at 30 seconds. Check out an inexpensive jump rope from Amazon here!


Core sliders are amazing for switching up a bodyweight workout. These make exercises low impact and isolate the muscle, so they’re easy on the body but still get your heart rate up! Here’s the best part though, do not buy these!! Grab yourself two paper plates and they work just as well. Seriously.

Pair of Dumbbells

If you want to maintain or build muscle, having a pair of dumbbells is a must-have. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do with dumbbells, as they are so incredibly versatile. At my home, I have a pair of 8 lb. and 12 1lb. dumbbells as that gives me different options in training my upper and lower body. Dumbbells can be a bit of an investment, but I use them in almost every single workout, making them perfect for my lifestyle and worth every cent!

Yoga Mat

Not solely for yoga, a yoga mat (or any non-slip fitness mat) can be used for core exercises, post workout stretching, and…you guessed it, yoga. This is another product I use almost every single workout, as I love to work my abs for about 10-15 minutes every other day. I also dedicate at least one of my days in my routine to a yoga day. Personally, I love a bit thicker of a yoga mat, as it helps support my wrists better, but it is totally personal preference.

Foam Roller

As someone who is insanely inflexible, foam rollers are a must for me! I use these after a workout or when my muscles are sore to ‘roll’ them out, which helps increase blood flow to the muscles and help flexibility, and ultimately help my muscles bounce back faster. Here’s the catch…it hurts like a ***** (especially if you have tight muscles)!! I have this exact one from Amazon that I use several times a week.

Running Shoes

If all else fails, this is the one necessity to fall back on. Running is the simplest and cheapest way to get a workout in…but you do need good, supportive running shoes as running can be very hard on your body. Running is an insane workout and you can burn hundreds of calories, so don’t overlook this staple. Brooks is well known for their running shoes, and they are my personal favorite!

Workout Gear

While workout gear may not be ‘fitness equipment’ it’s an honorable mention as a fitness staple. One thing’s for sure, when I have a cute top and leggings on, I get a much better workout! Look good feel good, right? Even when not working out, I typically wear gym clothes due to how comfy they are. There are so many brands with cute gym wear, but Gymshark is my all-time favorite! Fabletics, Bo + Tee, and Alo Yoga are also great fitness wear brands.

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