10 Essential Items to Stay on Track this New Year

January 18, 2021
10 essential items to stay on track this new year

By now we have closed the book on 2020 and started turning pages in 2021. I hope I am not alone in feeling a little off-course already, as things seem eerily similar to 2020 still. But I am a firm believer things can only go up and that we are in control of our daily thoughts and feelings. To keep in control of this year, i’ve selected my top 10 items to stay on track this new year!

Papier 2021 planner

If you decided to be more organized: Daily Planner

One of my favorite ways to stay on top of my sh*t is by using my daily planner….daily. I am able to get a clearer picture of what my day and week will look like and plan in out to a T. This helps me not only be more productive with my job, but also more reliable as well! This cute af french-inspired planner is from Papier, but I also love this more affordable and minimalistic one from amazon!

water bottle

If you decided to stay hydrated: 1-Liter Water Bottle

This 32-oz. water bottle has saved my skin and body this winter! Did you know that your brain is the first thing to become dehydrated if you aren’t drinking enough water? To stay at optimal productivity and function, staying hydrated is key. I try to get in 3 of these water bottles a day, and having these be nearly a liter keeps me on track. The water bottle above is from Amazon and has a TON of different colors and lid options (I have Winter White with the flip lid)!

EltaMD sunscreen

If you decided to take skincare seriously: SPF and Retinol

If you are not currently using sunscreen and/or retinol and are at least in your twenties, you should think again! These are the two most important items in my skincare routine as they have so many benefits, namely preventing aging (check out how I use these in my 2021 winter skincare routine here!). I use the EltaMD UV-Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 and the Drunk Elephant A-Passioni 1% Retinol Cream.

workout app

If you decided to get in shape: Workout Plan

Alive is by far my FAVORITE at-home workout plan and is available in the iPhone app store. I have been a fan of the app’s creator, Whitney Simmons, for years now and when she launched this app I had to get it! While my workouts during the pandemic have been few and far between, the workout on this app are my go-to whenever I want to get back on track. Plus, Alive just launched Alive 2.0 and I am planning on following this plan to the T this January, do it with me and lets be workout pals!

workout clothes

If you decided to stop purchasing fast fashion: TALA Workout Set

Sustainable workout clothing? I. am. here. for. it! TALA has great, staple workout pieces and sets that are not only beautiful, but good for the environment. And if it couldn’t get better, the prices are too die for, for the quality of clothing you get! I LOVE the Zinnia leggings and shorts, plus the Aster crop. Nothing but good things to say about TALA!

nutribullet blender

If you decided to put nutrition first: Nutribullet Pro

Alright, let’s chat about the Nutribullet Pro. 1. This is my favorite way to get in my veggies and vitamins in a tasty way! 2. The Nutribullet Pro is way better than the regular Nutribullet, swear. It blends the fruits and veggies so much better and lasts longer. 3. This new packaging is everything we needed hunny! She is serving on my kitchen counters with that matte black (or white).

reusable sandwich bags

If you decided to reduce plastic waste: Reusable Silicone Bags

Another sustainable item on the list- Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags. Not only do you get to reduce plastic waste, but also how cute are these?! The Stasher bags are microwave-safe, oven-safe (up to 400 degrees), and dishwasher-safe. They are a bit expensive, but in the long run you can save money as these will last for a long time!

travel mug

If you decided to stop the daily coffee run: Travel Mug

I cannot be the only one who’s resolution is to cut out the daily Starbucks, right? I spend entirely WAY too much money on my skinny vanilla latte with almond milk, but I still need my daily dose of caffeine. So in 2021, I am working on making my coffee at home in order to save money and reduce plastic cup waste. What better way to do that than with a cute coffee mug you can take with you anywhere?

meditation app

If you decided to meditate more: Meditate App

I have begun starting my day with a morning meditation through the Headspace app! I believe it has given me peace of mind and a clear head to start my day. Mindfulness is all about centering your focus and finding awareness, which keeps my mind on my intentions. You can also use it at night to wind-down and fall asleep.

#maxout your life by ed mylett

If you decided to be more productive: “#Maxout Your Life” by Ed Mylett

This book is what changed my entire mindset going into 2021 and I am now a huge Ed Mylett fan. Ed Mylett is massively famous as a successful businessman and peak performance expert who has shared his secrets on #Maxout Your Life. This book gives you inspiring tips on how to be your most productive self, so that you can live your happiest life.

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